M.Å.J. Jansson

Hi there! I'm M.Å.J. Jansson.

I write, illustrate, take photos, and drink diet sodas. Creating stuff is what I do best, and what I like doing the most. I'm always learning, trying out new styles and techniques and trying to improve.

My swedish poetry chapbook, "Bygd & betong" is available as an e-book on Adlibris, Bokus and iBooks.

You can buy some of my artwork at my Redbubble icon Redbubble shop.

For business inquiries, e-mail me at mikael@majjansson.com

All the work seen on this website and linked social media channels is copyright by M.Å.J. Jansson, unless noted otherwise. It may not be used without the written permission of M.Å.J. Jansson.