I've had a few blogs in previous years. For a short while I had a blog called "The Painted Calavera", but as I recall I never really wrote anything in it after the first few entries and then I just got rid of it. For some time I had a blog where I mostly posted illustrations and paintings, and occasionally the odd photograph. That blog survived for a long time and was a good way of keeping myself illustrating and practicing. I like to think I've developed a bit, illustration-wise, thanks to that. But as I hit a bit of down time in illustrating my blog didn't serve a function any more and felt more like just another thing I "should" be doing. So I took it down.

Actually I didn't just take it down - I deleted the whole thing.

All my previous blogs have been created in Blogger, a tool that Google seems wholey uninterested in doing anything to keep updated. I didn't want to be boggled down by Blogger this time, and just wanted to keep things really simple so I just went ahead and built my own blog. There are no bells or whistles, and it also means my blog will be lacking in many of the more common blog functions until I see a need to implement them. But it's simple, VERY lightweight (i.e. the site should be quick to load), and hopefully this will lead to a happier blogging experience.

One reason I'm setting up a new blog now is because the end of the year is approaching, and I usually make a "My Year in Pictures" post right around this time. And I really wanted to keep doing that, so, there you go. But I also think having a blog can be a good way to keep creating things, whatever they are. Doing stuff leads to other stuff.

Currently all the basic features I need in the blog have not been built. For example I can't edit posts, I can just create new ones. Well, I can edit them, but just not from my nice little administration GUI. But it's (mostly) usable anyway.

So there it is. Hello blogosphere... I'm back!