The second half of 2016 I thought a lot about the camera system I was using (Sony E-mount) and whether or not that was the camera system that best suited me going forward. For a long time my plan had been to eventually progress into using full frame cameras, which for Sony E-mount cameras would mean the A7-series. But the more I've learned about photography, the more I've come to realise that for me there's really no point in moving to full frame.

Although a full frame camera would (in most cases) give better low light performance and make it easier to get wide angle image, those are about the only things that would be an improvement (in my case). If I was making huge prints, or needed really quick fps or quick autofocus, then potentially full frame would be the way to go. But in most (most!) cases you could get the exact same image using both crop sensor cameras and full frame ones. It really comes down to personal preference and style of shooting.

A crop sensor camera has a lot more of the benefits that I'm looking for, such as: smaller size, lighter, easier to get more zoom, and cheaper (but honestly, even if I had a crap load of money I'd still opt for a crop sensor camera).

The main things about the camera body that I wanted improved compared to my Sony a6000 were the EVF (electronic view finder), weather sealing, and general layout and feel of the camera. But also, Sony has a design style on all of their photo gear that's more "sleek" than user friendly for us manual shooters.

I finally decided to switch from Sony... to Fuji! More specifically, the Fuji X-T1. It's a crop sensor camera that's weather sealed, has an amazing EVF, is light weight, and looks and feels just about perfect. Lot's of analog controlls meaning you don't have to go into menus all the time to set stuff up. And the Fuji lenses are just beautiful. All lenses should have aperture wheels. And the colors you get from Fujis camers are just wonderful. It feels like I'm getting more, and deeper colors, and a greater span of colors.

So here's my current setup: The Fuji X-T1, Fuji Fujinon 35mm f/2, Fuji EF-X8 flash, and an aluminum camera grip / L-bracket. I got the camera grip to have a slightly thicker grip to hold on to, and so far I just keep it on the camera all the time 'cause it fits my hand a lot better that way. The grip also works as an L-bracket for easy connection to a tripod in both horizontal and vertical position. My grip is a cheap ebay version, but it works perfectly, and costs about a sixth of the price of fujis own version.

So far the only Fuji lens I have is the 35mm f/2 (that I got for a great price on black friday). But as I have a little collection of old M42 lenses, I just bought an adapter so now I can attach all of those to my Fuji. So I can even use my monstrosity of a 200mm lens (Jupiter-21M).

I'm soon going to start selling off my Sony gear, and will probably be replacing my Sony flashes with Yongnuo flashes, which are cheap and work really well (I already own one). There are a few options for flash triggers, and I'll be looking into what kind of system to use for that as well. Right now I'm leaning towards just going all out Yongnuo, and using their trigger system.

But I'll leave the flashes to another blog update, once I've sold my Sony gear.