Like most people these days I use social media on a day-to-day basis. I tagged along on the Facebook train when it started getting big; I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon when everyone was tweeting; and I (first somewhat reluctantly) tried my best to capture moments with the rest of the Instagrammers.

But time sure has changed the social media community.

It seems to me that two large groups have burried themselves deep into the once naive and joyous world of social media: Companies and The disgruntled, overly confident soapbox people, also known as "Assholes" (pardon my language).

Companies are taking a larger and larger part in social media. Where once was a place to throw out questions to other like minded people, or keep in touch with friends, industry is sneeking in with a painted on smile. Companies these days are expected to be on social media. That's where they communicate with customers, that's where they advertise, that's where they're seen. If you want to get somewhere - if you want to be someone - you've gotto be on social media! I'm not at all against advertisement, but I'd prefer to not have it in my face 24-7.

Now on to the soapbox people. More and more, places like Twitter have become a haven for the angry, short sighted, rude and overly confident. I don't think there are particularly more people like this than before, but with social media, anger and fear spreads like wildfire. And the murkiest of opinions, strongly worded weigh equal to - or heavier than - a rational, sober thought. Opinions that gain traction and become fact for more, and more people.

Social media is full of trolls, and they appear to have taken too stampeding instead of hiding under bridges.

For my part, I've realized that a lot of social media no longer contributes anything to my life. It just adds stress, overhead, fake realities, and sad opinions. Apart, I should say, for Facebook which still has it's place as a way of interacting with both those I see every day and those I don't. A way of keeping in touch and seeing what friends and family are up to at the moment.

So as for Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn: Good bye. My head already feels less cluttered.

That's enough ranting for now.