As I've been working on the code behind this site (it's now mobile friendly by the way!), I've also thought about the role of this blog and what it should be about. Up until now I've pretty much written about all and any things creative that I felt like writing about. That's been fun, but it's also made the posts differ quite a bit, and there hasn't been a theme or thread running through the blog.

That is about to change.

My main focus creatively this year is going to be writing. I will, as far as possible, make sure to write each and every day. Now, that isn't always possible in practice due to illness or unforeseen events, but to the best of my ability I will put words on actual or digital paper. It's perfectly fine to wind down in front of the television, play a computer game, or what have you - just as long as I make sure that those words get written.

So, in light of this newly set focus it only seems natural that this blog be devoted to just that: Writing! Basically I'll write about things I'm working on right now, struggles in writing, inspiration, and I guess just generally my journey in trying to make stories. That will of course entail a lot around the actual writing as well. And I'll still need images for my posts, so illustration and photography will come into play a bit. And some of my writing projects will also have illustration and photography involved (e.g. children's books).

As with most decisions, this one isn't set in stone. If it turns out that writing about writing is phenomenally boring, I'll need to find another format for the blog.

Hope you'll want to join along on my journey. Now - time to do some writing!